Custom Venlactus Figure!

"I have come from the farthest reaches of space --- to proclaim the doom of the human race!"
~ Galactus

Galactus is a pretty big deal. A devourer of worlds. a Savior of worlds. A creator of worlds. And a Skrull to name a few.
My pal Shapp, of Figure Realm, gave me this Galactus after a discussion about...

I was basically saying " I wish I had more parts to the Galactus BAF I have so I could make him into a Venlactus. Shapp just showed up later that week with the parts. So he will be the proud owner of a venlactus in the future. I liked the idea of Venlactus but, not this picture exactly. I decided to approach this with a more retooled Valactian look.

First I picked which style of venom I wanted. And surprisingly...
I have grown to love the way the Mac Gargan venom looks.  
I started out disliking it to an extreme degree but, as the writing of the separation got better and the symbiote "bonded"
to Gargan he "evolved" and venom grew eyes ( which I HATED at first). He grew finger nails, started showing a vascular system and lips. I liked this idea. That a time came when TRUE symbioses occurred to create a NEW living entity. It had to grow on me over time but I ended up liking it. And if Venom had meet Galactus over the millenium I imagined they would have bonded...HARD. Like  a hydrogen atom with an electronegative atom, such as nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine.

I started by filling in the face to build my eyebrows and made a base for the mouth. I Also added the trade mark venom fingers.

The next step was drawing out were the eyes and eye blotches would go. I wanted to keep a lot of the Galactus elements of his space suit. Including his odd hat rim (?) But I plan on making him shades of blue, white, black and purple and like this purple, maroon, blue color scheme.

 I tried to give him a lip ridge, and eye brow ridges. Also you can see I was hoping to make a good base for teeth but, I will be dremeling all of that away now since he will be getting a mega galactic tongue to come out of it with a magnetic base.
same shot form the other side. Sorry for the super short post but I gotta get to bed  ( and show I stink.)

Next time on another bladder shuddering episode of automatauntaun!


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